Roberto Cifarelli. Photographer

1 August, 2014
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Roberto Cifarelli

Date and place of birth: 
Italy 1964
Place of residence: 
Voghera Italy
How did you ended up in jazz photography, starting from jazz or from photography itself?
I had started taking pictures at age 14, only taking photos at night I was fascinated by the technique of long exposure, only when I was 18 old I started photographing jazz
Is jazz your main activity as a photographer?
Yes now is my main activity
Do you have any other activities related to jazz?
I collaborate with the festival to decide some the dates of the concerts
How important are social networks in your work?
I work with facebook and Twitter
In jazz words, how would you label your most recent work: mainstream, fusion, free, avant-garde…?
I think it might be avant-gade 
Can you tell me 3 features of jazz photography that make it so interesting to your eyes?
the low lights, the people that play, the place
Do you think that there’s a relationship between the quality of the music in a concert and the quality of the photographs you take there?
I make beautiful photographs when I love the music I'm listening to
What side of jazz photography is more attractive to you, the creative side or being a jazz reporter?
I love the creative,my shows are often only of experimentation
Some so called ‘jazz festivals’ diversify their offer in favor of other styles of music. Do you think that this trend is a thread for the consistency of jazz photography?
if the contamination is I love music (Brazilian or Cuban), the important thing is that it is not pop rock
Can you recommend a contemporary jazz photographer?
I love the style of Jimmy Katz
Thank you Roberto.