Jazz Photo of the Year 2014

21 July, 2014
  • Jazz Photo of the Year by Antonio Porcar Cano
“A trained eye will appreciate his masterful framing and composition, his meticulous black and white finishing technique, his perfect reflections of jazz atmospheres and the intensity of the feelings trapped forever in every snapshot. But behind each picture, besides a deep technical knowledge improved with decades of experience, there’s a careful observation of the stage positions of the performers, a patient and quiet labour, deeply reverent both with musicians and their audience, that aims to preserve intact the unique magic unleashed in every jazz show.”
“Antonio Porcar has dedicated his entire life to jazz. From his work running the long missed Cafe Del Mar jazz club to his priceless activity heading the veteran and prestigious Avui Jazz festival for sixteen editions, he has invested all of his effort promoting this authentic and valuable music genre. His closeness to jazz greats together with his photography skills has turned him to a privileged observer, a hunter of intimate and unique moments captured right in the heart of jazz.”
Sergio Cabanillas

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