Fernandes, Andre

André Fernandes was born in Lisbon, Portugal.

He is an extremely active guitar player collaborating with musicians like Lee Konitz, Mário Laginha, Chris Cheek, Maria Joao, Cyro Baptista, Ohad Talmor, John Hollenbeck and Theo Bleckman, Tomasz Stanko, Bernardo Sassetti, Dan Weiss, Pete Rende, Bill McHenry, Jochen Rueckert, Perico Sambeat, Jeff Ballard, Julian Arguelles, David Binney, AviShai Cohen, Eli Degibri, Jordi Rossy, Carlos Barreto, Akiko Pavolka, Jarmo Savolainen, Phil Markowitz and João Paulo Esteves da Silva, amongst many others.
He is a regular member of the Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos with whom he has worked with Maria Schneider, Mark Turner, Joshua Redman, Maria João, John Hollenbeck, Maria Rita, among others. Also was a guest with the Lausanne BigBand with whom he played alongside Chris Potter and Gregoire Maret.
He regularly plays the major concert halls and jazz festivals in Europe, Brasil, Uruguay and Egypt and toured extensively as a member of the Lee Konitz New Nonet being a member for 2 years, as well as with singer Maria João´s group.
In 2002 he co-founded the Tone of a Pitch label and studios, for whom he has 7 albums released as a leader. All of them very well received by the press, his work "Cubo" was voted best jazz album of 2007 by Portugal´s critics poll, and the same year Fernandes was elected musician of the year by the prestigious publication "Público". His cd "Imaginário" was placed in several best of 2009 lists, and it´s release concert considered one of the best 2009 concerts in Portugal by critic Manuel J. Veloso. His cd "MOTOR", with late pianist Bernardo Sassetti,  has achieved several 5/5 stars ratings by the press and led to Fernandes being the cover of Jazz.Pt magazine.
He recorded the album “Wonder Wheel” integrating vocals in his music with Inês Sousa and long time collaborators Mário Laginha, Demian Cabaud and Alex Frazão. He recently released a live album with his working band called “Live at the Hot Club”. Apart from his work as a leader he also works extensively with numerous musicians such as Perico Sambeat with whom he recorded “Elastic” featuring Jeff Ballard, Thomas Bramerie and Eric Lenigni and a big band album.
Records with numerous musicians including the OJM Orquestra with Lee Konitz, directed by Ohad Talmor, having played with them at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in NY celebrating Lee Konitz´s 80th birthday in 2007.
Currently plays in numerous bands, as well as his own projects. His projects included a variety of musicians like Mario Laginha, Bernardo Sassetti, Jordi Rossy, Nelson Cascais, Alex Frazão, Marcos Cavaleiro, Pete Rende, Matt Renzi, DJ Ride, Matt Pavolka among others.
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OJM Jazz Composers Forum . TOAP 2013
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André Fernandes “Wonder Wheel” . TOAP/OJM 2014
André Fernandes “MOTOR Live at the Hot Club” . 2014